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Tittel:The impact of reservoir regulation on the processes of erosion and sediment transport of the delta in lake Øyeren, Norway
Ansvar:Jim Bogen & Truls E. Bønsnes
Forfatter:Bogen, Jim / medf.: Bønsnes, Truls E.
Materialtype:NVEs utgivelser
Utgitt:[Oslo] : NVE, [2003]
Omfang:s. 103-112 - ill.
Serie:NVE Særtrykk ; 131
Emneord:Erosjon / Sedimentasjon / Sedimenttransport / Reservoarer / Regulering / Habitat / Geomorfologi / Vannkraft / Regler
Geografiske emneord:Norge / Øyeren
Note:Særtrykk fra: The Structure, Function and Management Implications of Fluvial Sedimentary Systems (Proceedings of an international symposium held at Alice Springs, Australia, September 2002). IAHS Publ. no. 276, 2002.
Innhold:Abstract: The 9 km2 delta in the lake Øyeren reservoir has been affected by water level regulation since 1862. This paper reports the results of investigations carried out to identify the factors controlling the processes of delta erosion and sedimentation and to evaluate the impact of recent changes in the operational directives for power stations. Successive regulation phases have gradually reduced the amplitude of seasonal variations in water stage from the natural rande of 8 m and resulted in an extended period of high and more constant water level. Local sediment redistribution within the delta has decreased over the years reducing the downstream extent of the sedimentation zone. As a result, a new phase in the delta development was initiated with marked proximal accumulation. The sub-aerial part of the delta increased rapidly in area as a greater proportion of the suspended load tended to be deposited on the delta plain. The impact of the delta changes on fish communities and fish habitats is discussed.
Eksemplar:3. (3 tilgjengelige)