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Tittel:Erosion prediction in ungauged glacierized basins
Ansvar:Jim Bogen & Truls E. Bønsnes
Forfatter:Bogen, Jim / medf.: Bønsnes, Truls E.
Materialtype:NVEs utgivelser
Utgitt:[Oslo] : NVE, [2003]
Omfang:s. 13-23 - ill.
Serie:NVE Særtrykk ; 134
Emneord:Sedimenter / Bunntransport / Brefelt / Erosjon / Vannkraft / Planlegging / Suspensjonstransport / Breer / Svartisen kraftverk
Geografiske emneord:Norge / Svartisen
Note:Særtrykk fra: Erosion Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Integrating Methods and
Techniques (Proceedings of symposium HS01 held during IUGG2003 at Sapporo,
July 2003). IAHS Publ. no. 279, 2003
Innhold:Abstract: Methods to estimate sediment yields in ungauged glacierized areas are
discussed and the sediment load in ungauged parts of the Svartisen hydropower
scheme in northern Norway is estimated as an example. Long-term measurements
of sediment yields of various glaciers in Norway revealed that erosion rates to a
large extent are controlled by bedrock geology, glacial variables and large scale
morphology of each individual glacier. Measurements of bed load Gb and suspended
load Gs of two glaciers gave a relation Gb = k Gs. Long-term values of the parameter
k were found to vary between 0.67 and 1.0. The existence of such a relationship is
due to the fact that suspended load is derived from abrasion and crushing of the
coarser glacially quarried material. In the Svartisen hydropower scheme, direct
measurements of sediment fluxes were carried out at selected locations. The
sediment yields of the remaining ungauged catchments were then estimated from an
evolution of each individual glacier and the underlying bedrock. This gave as a result
a suspended load and a bed load of 7100 t year-1 and 4760 t year-1, respectively,
for the eastern tunnel, and of 20300 and 13600 t year-1, respectively, for the
southern tunnel complex. The amount of sediment delivered by the glaciers draining
directly into the reservoir was calculated as 103000 t year-1, using sedimentation
rates in dated sediment cores from the reservoir bed. The sediment yield of other
glacier areas is discussed.
Eksemplar:3. (3 tilgjengelige)