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Tittel:Nordic regionalisation of a greenhouse-gas stabilisation scenario
Ansvar:Klaus Wyser, Markku Rummukainen and Gustav Strandberg
Forfatter:Wyser, Klaus
Utgitt:Norrköping : SMHI, 2006
Omfang:36 s. - ill.
Serie:SMHI rapporter ; 110:2006
Emneord:Klimaforandringer / Klimamodeller
Note:Seriens undertittel: SMHI Reports meteorology and climatology (RMK)
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Innhold:The impact of a CO2 satabilisation on the Swedish climate is investigated with the
regional climate model RCA 3 driven by boundary conditions obtained from a global
coupled climate system model (CCSM3). The global model had been forced with
observed greenhouse gas concentrations from pre-industrial conditions until to-
day's, and with an idealised further increase until the stabilisation level is reached.
After stabilisation the model integration continues for another 150+ years in order
to follow the delayed response of the climate system over a period of time.
Eksemplar:1. (1 tilgjengelige)