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Tittel:NGI Publication # 198
Forfatter:Norges Geotekniske Institutt
Signatur:Tidsskrift / NGI Publication # 198
Utgitt:Oslo : Norges geotekniske institutt, 1996
Serie:NGI Publikasjon ; 198
Note:The publication comes in two volumes

M.B. de Groot (Geotechnical Group, Coordinator), Delft Geotechnics
K.H. Andersen, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
H.F. Burcharth, Aalborg University
L.B. Ibsen, Aalborg University
A. Kortenhaus, University of Hannover
H. Lundgren, Danish Hydraulic Institute
W. Magda, University of Gdansk
H. Oumeraci, (Project Coordinator), University of Hannover
W. Richwien, University of Essen

Innhold:Foundation Design of Caisson Breakwaters

"The present document has been prepared as par/ of the MCS-Project (Contract No. MAS2 - CT92 - 00./7) which was led by the University of Hannover (Coordinator: H. Oumeraci) within the 2nd Research Programme of/he European Union (EU) on Marine and Science Technology (EU Scientific Officer: Ch. Fragakis)." (Abstraktet)