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Tittel:NGI Publication # 065
Forfatter:Norges Geotekniske Institutt
Signatur:Tidsskrift / NGI Publication # 065
Utgitt:Oslo : Norges geotekniske institutt, 1965
Serie:NGI Publikasjon ; 65

Innhold:Compression of tunnel spoil at Venemo Dam / K. Hølestøl, B. Kjærnsli og I. Torblaa.

Vane triaxial apparatus / T.C. Kenney, A. Landva.

Measurement of the compression of a steel pile to rock due to settlement of the surrounding clay / I.J. Johannsen, L. Bjerrum.

N.G.I. gas-operated, sea-floor sampler / A. Andresen, S. Sollie, A.F. Richards.

A study of the effect of vane shape and rate of strain on the measured values of in-situ shear strength of clays / G. Aas.

(Contributions to the sixth International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering)