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Tittel:NGI Publication # 203
Forfatter:Norges Geotekniske Institutt
Signatur:Tidsskrift / NGI Publication # 203
Utgitt:Oslo : Norges geotekniske institutt, 1997
ISBN/ISSN:82-546-0184-4 / 0078-1193
Serie:NGI Publikasjon ; 203
Note:In Erik Hestnes (Ed.), Conference Proceedings: 25 Years of Snow Avalanche Research, Voss, 12 -16 May 1998.

Innhold:Snow avalanche experience through 25 years at NGI / K. LIED

Mathematical modeling of dense avalanches / M. EGLIT

An overview of avalanche forecasting models and methods / P.M.B. FÖHN

An overview of natural hazard zoning with special referenee to avalanches / J. HOPF

Twenty-five years af snow and avalanche research at NGI: Geotechnique contributions / D. MCCLUNG

Icelandic avalanche runout models compared with topographical models used in other countries / T. JÓHANNESSON

Rock-avalanche hazard in Møre & Romsdal, western Norway / E. ANDA AND L.H. BLIKRA

The general structure analysis of avalanche (mudflow) risk assessment / Y.B. ANDREEV

The potential of sedimentology and stratigraphy in avalanche-hazard research / L.H. BLIKRA AND T. SÆMUNDSON

A short comparison between Voellmy-fluid and Criminale-Ericksen-Filbyfluid dense snow avalanche models / P. BARTELT AND B. SALM

Acoustic sensor to measure snowdrift and wind velocity for avalanche forecasting / R. BOLOGNESI, V. CHRITIN AND H. GUBLER

Dynamics of two-layer slushflows / A.N. BOZHINSKIY AND A.N. NAZAROV

Verification of avalanche bulletins by questionnaires / B. BRABEC AND T. STUCKI

PANDALP: A new penetrometer for snow investigation / J.L. BURLET, R. GOURVES AND D. DAUDON

The differentiation of thaws in connection with slush flow occurrences / P.CHERNOUSS, O. TYAPKlNA, E. HESTNES AND S. BAKKEHØY

On avalanche run-up heights on deflecting dams: Center-of-mass computations compared with observations / U. DOMAAS AND C.B. HARBITZ

Models for powder snow avalanches: comparison of two approaches / M.E. EGLIT AND P. REVOL

The avalanche of la tartera de la Pica (Andorra) / G. FURDADA, J.M. VILAPLANA, E. TOMAS AND D. MAS

Safran/Crocus/Mepra models as a helping tool for avalanche forecasters / O. GIRAUD, E. BRUN, Y. DURAND & E. MARTIN

Long-term forecasting of changes of snowiness and avalanche activity in the world due to the global warming / T.G. GLAZOVSKAYA AND Y.G. SELIVERSTOV

Avalanche hazard mapping using numerical Voellmy-Fluid models / U. GRUBER, P. BARTELT AND H. HAEFNER

The avalanche at Flateyri, Iceland October 26th 1995 and the avalanche history / S.H. HARALDSDÓTTIR

*************** Vol 2 **********************
Conclusions from a recent survey of avalanche computational models / C.B. HARBITZ, D. ISSLER AND C.l. KEYLOCK

Slushflow hazard control. A review of mitigative measures / E. HESTNES AND F. SANDERSEN

Opportunity of detailing avalanche forecasts / A.A.ISAEV

Some results of long-term variability of avalanche activity of CIS mountains / L.A. KANAEV AND Y.G. KAKURINA

A survey of snow avalanche accidents in Norway / K. KRISTENSEN

Numerical modeling of avalanche flow / A. KUMAR, S.S. SHARMA AND P. MATHUR

Design criteria for cylindrical masts exposed to snow creep forces / J.O. LARSEN AND K. KRISTENSEN

Operational use of a snowpack model for the avalanche warning service in Switzerland: Model development and first experiences / M. LEHNING, P. BARTELT AND B. BROWN

Snow avalanche at Bleie, Ullensvang, January 1994 / K. LIED, B. INSTANES, U. DOMAAS AND C.B. HARBITZ

Finite element modeling of snow-pack lying on a slope, considering snow as isotropic compressible viscoplastic media / A. MISHRA AND P. MAHAJAN

Dense avalanche numerical modeling. Interaction between avalanche and structures / M. NAAlM

Snow avalanche dynamics: observations and experiments / K. NISHIMURA, Y. ITO, S. KELLER, J. McELWINE, Y. NOHGUCHI, K. IZUMI AND K. KAWADA

The meteorological condition for larger avalanches at Senjojiki Bowl in Japanese Central Alps / R. NITTA AND Y. HARADA

Slushflows: Basic properties and spreading / V.F. PEROV

Using of GIS technology for avalanche hazard mapping, scale 1:10000 / F. PERTZIGER

Radar measurements of snow avalanche full scale experiment in Ryggfonn / L. RAMMER, K. KRISTENSEN, K. Lrso, H. SCHREIBER AND W.L. RANDEU

Snowmelt and slush avalanches/slushflows in northern mountains, Sweden. A video presentation / A. RAPP, M. GUDE AND D. SCHERER

Geomorphologic and geobotanica/ features of slushflows (Khibiny mountains instance) / V. SAPUNOV AND G. SAPUNOVA

Temperature gradient metamorphism and ifs relation with the avalanche release / P.K. SATYAWALI

Practical experience with the Austrian powder avalanche simulation model in hazard zoning / S. SAUERMOSER AND H. SCHAFFHAUSER

3D modelisation of snow slabs stability / L. SCHILLINGER, D. DAUDON AND E. FLAVIGNY

Ava/ancheforecastingfor transportation corridor and backcountry in Glacier Nationa/ Park (BC, Canada) / J. SCHWEIZER, J.B. JAMIESON AND D. SKJONSBERG

Forecast of avalanche danger for the intracontinental regions of Northeast of 245

Avalanche defences for Flateyri, Iceland. From hazard evaluation to construction of defences / F. SIGURDSSON, G.G. TOMASSON AND F. SANDERSEN

Regime of mudflows and its potential changes due to global warming / T. SIDOROVA

Transferring avalanches between paths / S. SIGURDSSON, K. JÓNASSON AND I. ARNALDS

Avalanche caused catastrophes on the mountainous rivers / A. I. SOLDA TOV

The avalanche monitoring system of Mount Pizzac / F. SOMMAVILLA AND B. SOVILLA

Changes of the avalanche cadastre in the Czech part of the Giant Mts. / V. SPUSTA AND M. KOCIANOVA

A new concept for avalanche warning in Switzerland / T. STUCKI, W. AMMANN, R. MEISTER AND B. BRABEC

The avalanche situation in Neskaupstaôur, Iceland. A preliminary defensive plan / G.G. TOMASSON, F. SIGURDSSON AND F. RAPIN

Quantitative risk analysis for evaluation of avalanche protection projects / C. WILHELM