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Tittel:NGI Publication # 191
Forfatter:Norges Geotekniske Institutt
Signatur:Tidsskrift / NGI Publication # 191
Utgitt:Oslo : Norges geotekniske institutt, 1994
Serie:NGI Publikasjon ; 191
Note:NGI papers presented at the BOSS'94 conference
Innhold:Reliability issues and future challenges in geotechnical engineering for offshore structures / S. LACASSE AND F. NADIM

Soil-structure-interaction analysis of embedded caisson anchor under tension load / O.E. HANSTEEN AND K. HØEG

The 1992 Hibernia GBS sile selection and investigation / J.M. KEAVENY AND O. UGAZ

A computational model for fixity of spud cans on stiff clay / H.P. JOSTAD, F. NADIM AND K.H. ANDERSEN

A method 10 determine conductor setting depth in day / K .H. ANDERSEN AND T. LUNNE

Centrifuge model tests of a gravity platform on very dense sand; I: Testing technique and results / M .A. ALLARD, K.H. ANDERSEN AND I. HERMSTAD

Centrifuge model tesls of a gravity platform on very dense sand;11: Interpretation / K. H . ANDERSEN, M.A. ALLARD AND J. HERMSTAD