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Tittel:The unstable phyllitic rocks in Stampa – Flåm, western Norway : compilation, scenarios, risk and recommendations
Ansvar:editor: Lars Harald Blikra ; co-authors: Martina Bøhme ... [et al.] ; other contributors: Hallvard Berg ... [et al.]
Forfatter:Bøhme, Martina / red.: Blikra, Lars Harald / medarb.: Berg, Hallvard
Materialtype:NVEs utgivelser
Utgitt:Oslo : NVE, 2013
Omfang:55, 10, 21 s. - Ill. (noen kol.)
ISBN/ISSN:978-82-410-0904-4 / 1501-2832
Serie:NVE Rapport ; 2013:35
Emneord:Geologiske forhold / Overvåking / Risikoanalyse / Skredfare
Geografiske emneord:Aurland kommune
Note:Dokumentet foreligger kun elektronisk
Har bibliografi
Innhold:Sammendrag: The report presents a compilation and summary of all existing data on the unstable slopes in the Stampa-Flåm area, presents a risk classification and gives
recommendations for the future risk handling. The unstable area is characterized by
relatively small movements without any signals of increased deformations, and a
follow-up in terms of a revision of existing displacement measurements is considered to be sufficient in order to handle the risk in the Stampa area. Based on the relatively low risk connected to the largest scenarios and the limited knowledge on the hydrological conditions, it is in the present situation not recommended to initiate any mitigation measures in terms of larger drainage systems. This conclusion follows the recommendations from the international expert panel
Eksemplar:2. (2 tilgjengelige)