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Tittel:Hydro Power Potential in Georgia : Calculating the hydro power potential in Georgia using the national runoff map, an elevation model and the Cost Base for Hydro Power Plants
Ansvar:redaktør: Fredrik Arnesen ; forfattere: Fredrik Arnesen ... [et al.]
Forfatter:Arnesen, Fredrik
Materialtype:NVEs utgivelser
Utgitt:Oslo : NVE, 2021
Omfang:34 s. - ill. (noen kol.)
ISBN/ISSN:978-82-410-2105-3 / 1501-2832
Serie:NVE Rapport ; 2021:5
Emneord:Hydropower / Potential / River network
Geografiske emneord:Georgia
Note:Authors: Fredrik Arnesen (NVE), Søren Elkjær Kristensen (NVE),
Giorgi Shukakidze (Ministry of Energy of Georgia), Valentin Koestler (NVE),
Vakhtang Geladze (NEA), Eira Taksdal (NVE), Aslak Wegner Eide (NVE)
Has bibliography

Innhold:Abstract: In this GIS-based analysis, a theoretical hydro power potential of 30 TWh
was calculated. The analysis used an elevation model, a hydrological runoff map and a cost base for hydropower plants in Georgia as input. Several general assumptions were made about the outline of the identified hydro power plants, in order to utilize the cost base to exclude the most expensive schemes. Some additional filtering was carried out to exclude potential that is already developed, and to exclude potential located within national parks and other protected areas.