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Tittel:Reestablishing vegetation on interventions along rivers : a compilation of methods and experiences from the Tana River valley
Ansvar:editor: Silje Hansen ; authors: Silje Hansen, Gunnar Kristiansen and Jukka Ylikörkkö
Forfatter:Hansen, Silje / Kristiansen, Gunnar / Ylikörkkö, Jukka
Materialtype:NVEs utgivelser
Utgitt:Oslo : NVE, 2014
Omfang:49 s. - kol. ill.
ISBN/ISSN:978-82-410-0976-1 / 1501-2832
Serie:NVE Rapport ; 2014:29
Emneord:Planter / Revegetering / Vassdragsinngrep
Geografiske emneord:Finland / Norge / Tanavassdraget
Note:Har bibliografi
Innhold:Sammendrag: This report compiles methods and experiences gained by Finnish and Norwegian authorities in the project Tana River Valley - developing cooperation between the authorities of Finland and Norway. Tana is the largest and most productive salmon river in both Finland and Norway that is still in its natural state. There are also important conservation values associated with the riparian zone along Tana with several eastbound endemic plants and insects. Erosion control constructions have been constructed along the river bank in certain areas to protect adjacent land and roads from damage caused by erosion. Environmental measures
has been conducted to improve the growth conditions for riparian vegetation on the erosion control constructions. Re-establishing vegetation on coarse unconsolidated rock embankments are challenging, and in most cases, active measures are needed to improve the growth conditions. The report describes the measures and corresponding methods that have been successful along the Tana River. Recommendations are made, and guidelines for similar conditions are given, with the aim at conveying knowledge and experiences from the project, with special
emphasis on subarctic areas like the Tana river valley
Eksemplar:2. (2 tilgjengelige)